My New App!


I am excited to market my new app, CRE: Commerical Real Estate Calculator.  The app is designed for Commercial property investors, brokers, and bankers who want to quickly calculate the value of commercial retail/office properties as well as estimate loan amounts for purchase or refinance.

CRE was originally developed by commercial mortgage brokers who wanted to use CRE as an aid to their clients while discussing different scenarios on a particular property.   As an investor, you can quickly see if the investment property in question makes sense and at the same time see how much money the lending institutions are willing to loan.

CRE will calculate:

  1. Property Values based on NOI and Capitalization Rates
  2. Capitalization Rates
  3. Net Operating Incomes based on Gross rents and Gross Expenses.
  4. Estimated Loan Amounts based on NOI.
  5. LTV based on Property Values

You can even email your results!

Let me know what you think and please email me if you think I could improve it.

Best Regards,